Frequently Asked Questions / Information

Q. What do I do if my product arrives thawed but is still cold?

A. Product can be either put in the freezer or you can refrigerate it for use within 5 days.

Q. What do I do if my product arrives warm?

A. DO NOT use. Call us at 800-274-2526.

Q. What is the difference between a “bisque” and a “chowder”?

A. A bisque is usually thought to have a smooth creamy consistency and a chowder to have more chunks and identifiable pieces. However, often the words are interchanged.

Q. Are Bay Shore™ products All Natural?

A. Yes, Bay Shore™ products are all natural and contain NO chemical preservatives or MSG.

Q. How can the fresh Bay Shore™ chowder have such an extended shelf life without using preservatives?

A. We pack under HACCP standards using constant inspection of ingredients and precise production methods. Each batch is sampled for taste, consistency and weight. Any bacteria are killed by the high temperature of cooking and very quick chilling. There is a use or freeze by date on each bag or container.

Q. Do Bay Shore™ products contain any trans fats?

A. No, Bay Shore™ uses butter and cream and NEVER trans fats.

Q. What is the best way to heat?

A. 20oz bags – place unopened bag in rapidly boiling water until internal temperature reaches 170ºF. Approximately 12 minutes (frozen) or 8 minutes (thawed)

64oz bags - place unopened bag in rapidly boiling water approximately 10 minutes (thawed) or 20 minutes (frozen)

Remove bag from water and shake vigorously. Cut bag and empty contents into serving bowl and serve. ** Thawed product can also be heated in a pan on the stove over low heat stirring frequently until thoroughly heated.

Q. Can products be reheated?

A. Yes. Remove unused product from the heat and allow it to come down to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate. Reheat product next day. DO NOT reheat product more than once.

Q. Manhattan is not REAL clam chowder, is it?

A. Bay Shore™ makes wonderful red chowder with lots of clams and fresh vegetables in a rich clam broth. It will please any clam lover, even a New England clam lover, who will try it. Quality ingredients and a great recipe make Bay Shore™ Manhattan Clam Chowder a surprising crowd pleaser.

Q. Is Bay Shore™ Manhattan Clam Chowder lower in fats than creamy chowder?

A. Yes! There are 3 grams of fat per 8oz serving.

Q. What types of clams are used?

A. We use fresh hand shucked sea clams.

Q. Is Bay Shore™ Conch Chowder like the conch chowder in the Bahamas?

A. Absolutely yes, but much more available and closer to home. We New Englanders use all natural top quality ingredients from an authentic Bahamian recipe. Sweet imported Caribbean conch is quite different from sea clams and the plentiful fresh vegetables and spicy tomato broth make an unexpected treat for all.

Q. Do you use real crab and real lobster?

A. Yes. We use minced meat from North Atlantic crab & lobster that is packed to our specs for quality and taste.

Q. Is there sherry or alcohol in Bay Shore™ lobster bisque or crab bisque?

A. No. A chef might choose to add a touch of sherry just before serving, or offer a small glass on the side when serving.

Q. What kind of shrimp are in Bay Shore™ Shrimp & Roasted Corn?

A. 71-90 ct P&D raw white shrimp.